Re-purpose Your Old Calendars

Re-purpose Your Old Calendars

Do you have some old calendars you saved, because you love to look at the monthly photos? Whether they are still shots from a favorite movie, beautiful landscapes, or inspiring quotes from inspirational icons, why not make use of them instead of throwing them away once the new year rolls around? I am sharing two ways to repurpose your wall calendars.

To make wall art, all you need is a pair of scissors (or a straight edge cutter) and tape (or a picture frame).

1. Take out the staples from the outside of the calendar.

2. Separate and cut the middle of each page.

3. Cut off the top part just below the nail hole.

Then remember to make sure the other sides/months are cut properly too.

4. Hang them up, either with tape or inside a frame.  And there you have it, your own free art gallery.


I like to do this every year to change up the art work on my walls. And best of all it’s super easy and free (except for the frames, if you don’t have them already). Another reason I love this is because my hubby approves of these photos above our bed, without worrying about anything heavy falling on our heads.

You can also make matching magnets from the thumbnail photos on the back cover of the calendar!
All you need is a bit of card board, magnets, and mod podge (waterbase glue).

1. Cut them out as you wish with scissors or a straight edge cutter.

2. Place mod podge over the flat cardboard.

3. Place the photo right over the cardboard.

4. Once the mod podge is dry, add some to the magnet and place it on the back of the photo.
Decide how many magnets you want on the back of the cardboard — the more magnets used, the stronger the magnetic hold will be.

I hope you become inspired to do something with your wall calendars too. Please share pictures if you did anything to keep the art in your home.



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  1. Love the idea! The finished product looks beautiful on the wall!!! Great explanations of the process. Thank you!

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