Guess What? – A little BIG Announcement

Guess What? – A little BIG Announcement

It’s finally here! This is my first post for my long awaited blog that I’ve been dreaming of starting for years. I just always let things distract me, but this year, 2017, I decided that I’m done with distractions. I finally broke through those walls and MADE IT HAPPEN!

Now that I have gotten that off my chest, I guess I’ll just explain what’s in my belly …

guess what with cups

Guessed it yet?

Well, I assume most of you who are reading this know us, and if you didn’t hear already … Trevor and I are pregnant!

We are 6 months along, and the baby is due on May 1st. Want to guess what the gender is? We don’t know either. It’ll be a surprise to discover the gender when the baby is born, just like in the old days. Yes, we’ve heard it all before: “Are you crazy? How can you wait?” Honestly, it’s not a big deal to us. We like that we will get gender-neutral items for the first baby so we can reuse anything for the second child, if the child ends up being the opposite gender. And it’s not like knowing the gender would change anything about our future plans anyway. We know we absolutely love the baby all the same. We don’t consider being pregnant as “we will be parents when the baby is born.” We are a mother and father already, as the days of being parents started the moment the baby was conceived. Of course, we didn’t totally know that we had filled those roles until a month or so after the baby’s conception — the easiest time of parenting.

standing photo with baby clothes

We didn’t plan this. We really wanted to experience at least a year of being a married couple before our first child arrived in our lives (just married in June ’16). However, I guess God had other plans for us and realized we were ready for the next step already.

So far, during this pregnancy, the hardest movie for me to watch was “Finding Dory.”  Gawsh, the tears were streaming down my face as if I was turning into a river. Oh, and it was not helpful that I was in the middle of a crowded airplane, with no one around me understanding my emotions.

My first trimester was kind of a blur. Maybe it was traumatizing enough that my memory has blocked it. I’m defiantly not a fan of the nauseous side effects that this little one has brought up. There have been a couple days when I’ve still experienced that side effect. Thankfully, those days have been when I’m at home or church.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been one of the lucky ones experiencing fun food cravings. In fact, food hasn’t been my friend. I’ve already had to strike eggs and popcorn off my to-eat list, which saddens me because I love both of those. The effects of those two rascals have just not made them worth it. A month ago, I already started having acid reflux which is especially annoying when I want to sleep. Overall, I know that these feelings will be totally worth it in the end, as we can’t wait to meet our little one in May.

4 months pregnant

I know once the bump starts to become more obvious, we will be receiving a lot of advice. So far, we have appreciated all the advice we’ve gotten from family and friends. We would also like to hear great advice from new and seasoned parents reading this. So if you have some neat tips or tricks on babies/children, would you like to share it here?

Also, if you somehow had a baby with SAG insurance, please let me know, as there are so many questions I need to ask you.


10 thoughts on “Guess What? – A little BIG Announcement

  1. Aloha!!! Dearest Nicole and Trevor! Thank you for filling us in with your expressive and impressive blog about your present life!! Great photo of you and Trevor plus the Pretty Mama to be!!! How exiting and hard to believe that you are in your last trimester!! Enjoy!!!
    God bless you three!!!

    I love you!!

  2. My advice is to enjoy every minute of every day. Children grow up too quickly and become adults before you know it. Treasure everything they do and celebrate all of the moments and milestones.

  3. Dear Nicole ,
    I love your new blog so glad that you have taken the plunge to embark on this great creative and informative project . Of course we are thrilled for you and Trevor about the arrival of your new little one in May. I can’t wait to meet him or her:) It was such a joy to meet Larana upon our arrival in Hawaii. How great for Baby Brunsink to have so many cousins so close in age. I have loved your videos. Too bad the technical work is so tedious. You certainly have a gift in producing wonderful videos

    1. Thank you so much, Aunt Kathy! Laurana is such a cutie. It’ll be so fun to have my (& Trevors) little one meet everyone this summer. I really appreciate your sweet comment about my video. 🙂 Hope you have safe travels back home from Hawaii.

  4. Fabulous Nicole!!! What a joy to read your writing and see your photos! Great shots with 2 beautiful people I love in a fun surrounding! Such a clean layout and so easy and enjoyable to read!
    Thank you for the insight into your life. It seems to me that your world is quite wonderful.
    Again thank you for sharing!

  5. Beautiful job my amazing sister! It is a joy to read about your experiences and thoughts, as well as peruse your other very interesting posts! You and Trevor are going to be, and already are ;-), incredible parents! Your little one is so lucky. I look forward to meeting her or him and for Laurana to have a cousin to play with! My advice is to keep doing what you’ve been doing, remember to have empathy for yourself, and go on dates with Trevor, while you still can lol! Love all three of you!

    1. Thank you so much, Natasha! Your words are so sweet, I hope to be as great a Mama as you are to sweet Laurana. Trevor and I plan to go on a date this weekend if we can squeeze it in between my emotional roller coaster and his weekend tasks. ^_^ Love you all too!

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