5 Helpful Links and Tips on Planning a Wedding.

5 Helpful Links and Tips on Planning a Wedding.

Congratulations!  You (or someone you are very close to) are engaged to be married! Or are you planning a wedding in hopes of being engaged soon?  Or whatever your reason, I’m so happy you decided to check out this post to skip a few tedious site-searching minutes.

Since I just married my husband 8 months ago, I have a few things still fresh in my mind that I found most helpful.  I know several people getting married within the next year, so I hope they have time to check these sites out.  Our wedding budget was $10k, so this list might be more helpful to those that are going the do-it-yourself (DIY) route. We had a budget for many reasons, and I’m glad we were able to go well under it. However, if you have the budget for an extravagant wedding, then just get a wedding planner and save yourself the stress. You can still look at Wedding Wire (see below) to find a good wedding planner. I hope you find the following links as helpful as I found them.

Five Helpful Links for Wedding Planning

Helpful Wedding Websites

If you’re planning a wedding, you might have already found a few helpful websites. These are some of my favorites. (Some of you may already know about theknot.com, which I found to be rather confusing and too high-class for my taste, so since I didn’t really use it for my planning I decided not to list it.)


Wedding Wire has a list of a lot of venues and vendors (including ratings) from Wedding Wire members. I mainly used this site to find vendors, but they also have an inspiration tab. Their app also gives you the checklist you need to stay on track before, during, and after the wedding date. I liked how the app was accessible through my phone for me to check what I needed to complete and how my overall budget was doing at that time. They also have a wedding website creator; however, I didn’t use it.


Ewedding is a free hosting wedding website maker. You can personalize it to your liking. I found it to be more appealing than the website creator from theknot.com. I think I must have made my wedding website through Ewedding, because it had the most flexible design options.


Honeyfund is the site I used to make a credit card wedding registry. They charge you 1.50 for each transaction. So if someone gives you $50 then you’ll only get $48.50, but it’s convenient for those who can’t send or give cash/check in the mail or in person, respectively.


Vistaprint’s site can be a little expensive; however, they always have coupons and special deals. I made my invites for 25% off and then my thank-you cards were on sale too. INVITE25 is the coupon code I used — not sure if it is still available. If you’re on a budget, try using postcards as thank-you cards. They also have Groupon deals for Vistaprint every once in a while.


Weddingfavorsunlimited.com is where I purchased my wedding favors. They had the best prices for travel tags. Shipping prices can be a bit steep though. I would still look around at other websites if you’re thinking of a different type of favor. This website at least offers you good ideas.

Bonus if you didn’t know already…


Okay, I know I said five and this is number six on the list. I figured probably 95% of people who are planning a wedding already know about this website, because it’s a MUST! Basically, it is a visual/virtual bookmarking site that lets you find and save ideas (pinned by people all over the world) in which you may be interested. I use this for researching pretty much everything, from how to create anything “DIY” to what I should make for dinner. I’ve discovered a lot of my favorite hobbies through Pinterest. I would have never started a blog if it weren’t for the pins I found through Pinterest on how to “easily” make a blog. It also has many funnies in there if you’re looking for a good laugh. And Pinterest provided me with the inspiration for the main design of my wedding. If you don’t like it after using it for about 15 minutes, then I guess you’re one of the lucky non-addicts.

Enjoy Planning!

I hope these websites will be as easy for you to navigate through and enjoyable as they were for me. If you found any websites I didn’t mention to be very helpful, please mention them in the comments below so other readers (and myself) can learn more.

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