Make Your Own Greeting Cards Book

Make Your Own Greeting Cards Book

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After coming home from our honeymoon, we had a bunch of beautiful wedding cards from family and friends all around the world. I want to cherish these cards and look back at them for years to come. There were so many wonderful cards and sweet messages with fantastic marriage advice. I asked myself, “How does one gather their greeting cards without putting them in a box that ends up collecting dust?” That’s when I came up with an idea to make a greeting cards book. Now I’ve seen one other person do the same thing, but, of course, I didn’t do it exactly the same way. I feel like my way was the easiest and most frugal way of doing it.

Of course, you can use this method for any special date and you don’t have to do it exactly the way I did it. Create it the way that works best for you. Make a book out of the cards you received for your wedding, baby shower, graduation, birthday, Christmas, or any celebratory event where you received many greeting cards.

One thing to keep in mind: When you make the book, you must be confident you won’t be getting any more cards for that special event. I got excited to make mine right away, but I didn’t realize I would get more cards months after our wedding. Try waiting at least 6 months after the event — most people will send their cards to you by then. If it’s for your birthday or Christmas, you probably only need to wait a month.

Material and Tools Needed

Cardboard (a box from anything will do, I used a shoebox)
Twine (a large amount, depending on how many cards you have)
Cloth (for the exterior of the cover)
Glue (Mod Podge)
Sponge Brush (if using Mod Podge)

Step 1

Cut up 2 pieces of cardboard to be a bit taller and wider than your largest card. These will be your front and back covers.

Step 2

Take the width of all your cards and measure the thickness. Now cut a piece of cardboard that is 1 inch larger than the thickness of your cards together and match the height of the cardboard covers. This piece will be the binder.

binding of the book

Step 3

Get the binder cardboard and wrap the twine around the inside of the cards and the back of the cardboard. I used my wedding colors for the twine, but any color twine is good.

This part will take the longest. Be patient and make sure you have the twine pulled tight.

adding twine around the book

Step 4

For those cards that open horizontally, I glued the back of each card onto an opened envelope that was cut on the sides so that it would open vertically, like the rest of the cards.

envelop for horizontal open cards horizonal opening card

Step 5

Once you’re done with wrapping, cut the twine and glue the end to the back part of the binding, I added tape to it as well.

binding and twine done and tight

Step 6

Glue the outside of the binding and two covers. Place the back of the book cover onto the cloth. Wrap the cloth around the binding and the front cover.

glue cover of bookputting the book together

Step 7

Once you’ve glued the cloth around all the sides, glue the rest of the cloth and fold it inside the covers. To add a little personal touch, I added pieces of some of the written envelopes inside the cover. Wait for it all to dry. (Drying takes around 2 hours.)

pasting cloth onto cardboard cover

Step 8

I wrapped a little golden bow to the binding for added beauty — this is optional of course. Voilà! You’ve made your very own greeting cards book.

side view of closed book with bowbottom view of open book

I’ve now learned my lesson with these photos, and so I apologize for not taking pictures for each step. Maybe for my next DIY project, I’ll just do a video so that I don’t have to remember to take a photo every 2 minutes. 😉

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial on making a greeting cards book.  If you would like to see more, please let me know in the comments. I would love to see your DIY Greeting Cards Book, if you make one.  Have a lovely, joyful day!

2 thoughts on “Make Your Own Greeting Cards Book

  1. So clever! I just recently ran across my dust box of wedding cards, so I’m glad you shared a way to keep them beautifully stored and on hand to look through whenever I want!

    1. Thank you, Holly! Such great timing to find that box. I’m so glad you’ll get to try it on your cards. 🙂 I hope to see pictures if you decide to make a book out of them.

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